Cheap Tickets to Mexico! Yes!

If you were delaying your awesome spring break trip to Mexico due to financial reasons, now is definitely one of the cheaper times to book them.

“If you’re paying more than $300 right now to anywhere in Mexico, you’re nuts,” said Rick Seaney, chief executive officer of ticket research firm

“The airlines are trying to fill jets after the U.S. urged skipping nonessential trips to the country hardest hit by the virus. Tour operators, cruise lines and Canada’s two largest carriers are among businesses halting Mexico air service and port calls.”

Obviously, this whole swine flu thing has been a bit of a blow to the travel industry, but so far at my job (which happens to be in the travel industry), people here are not panicking.  In fact, we are going ahead with our Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow afternoon (planned before the outbreak), but I think we may be foregoing the pig roasting (fire codes, fear of pigs).  Hopefully there will still be margaritas and general merriment despite the impending shadow looming on the travel industry.
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2 thoughts on “Cheap Tickets to Mexico! Yes!

  1. Margot says:

    Susan, your website is fucking brilliant! I, too, have to remind myself to stop fretting. Needless to say, I have gone through multiple pocket hand sanitizers and two bottles of hand soap since Monday. 🙂

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